Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A website that blows the cobwebs off research papers

The webside www.dissertation.com is such a good idea: it takes research work produced as part of studies (usually subsidised by public sector funds) and makes it more widely available.

Okay, access is not completely gratis: after accessing a certain number of free pages, you are encouraged to buy the full text. But it does make visible/available knowledge and analysis that would otherwise gather dust on the shelves or in the archives of universities.

I have consequently placed the research piece from my Masters degree on this site. Although a little dated now, it deals with issues of poverty in the urban area, survival strategies of the poor and prospects for vibrant city economies in Africa. It is entitled: Informalisation as a Strength. Community Survival Systems and Economic Development in the African City.

Check it out. Location:

Or you might simply want to visit www.dissertation.com to see what other thinking work is available there.


Dave Duarte said...

Nice find Frank! I'm going to recommend this to the MBAs I'm working with at UCT.

Ness said...

I will also share it with people in our doctoral seminar class. Thanks Frank. Love and light, Ness

Anonymous said...

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