Sunday, 25 October 2009

New poetry book My Rainbow hits the shelves

My new poetry book, My Rainbow, has hit the shelves. Check it out. (

The content ranges widely and wildly - it covers the personal and the social and effortlessly shifts vantage points from domestic and highly localised settings to distant places and broader concerns.

The book draws on the best of poems written over nearly 30 years, and gains strength and depth (or at least a distinctiveness) from this wide scope.

My Rainbow can be obtained from good South African bookstores. It can also be obtained, online, from or; or you can trace the book on these websites by searching via author name and surname. (ISBN: 978-0-620-44659-4)

Although the book, taken as a whole, is said to have depth and meaning, My Rainbow contains many fun and playful poems, and quite a few that adopt the perspective of growing up and finding a place in the world.

My Rainbow, by Frank Meintjies, October 2009.

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