Monday, 26 November 2012

New poetry book, Connexions, is "evocative"

This month, November 2012, I have released my new poetry collection, Connexions. The poems in this book have been described as “challenging, evocative and beautifully crafted”. 

A good number of the poems contained in Connexions were presented at poetry readings in Johannesburg. 

Connexions is available online from Kalahari at: .

The back page blurb notes that: 

“In Connexions, Frank Meintjies builds on the wide range of themes that appeared in his previous work. The poems in this collection traverse a gritty urban landscape where people strive for meaning and, all too often, make do with mere glimpses of understanding”.
“Some poems deal with more familiar themes: dreams, musicians seeking transcendence, death that follows illness, the feeling of rain on skin and maneuvering around space and place. Others probe aspects of a changing South Africa. Using a mix of narrative style and non-linear trains of thought, Connexions surprises, provokes and forges quirky links between experiences, perspectives and phenomena”. 

My previous poetry book is My Rainbow, released in 2009.